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GLOW /Sunset Over The River/

30.00 EUR

GLOW works mostly in the field of graffiti and abstract drawing.
He was born and raised in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria.
For the last ten years, he is living as an independent full-time artist and designer working with private and corporate clients, galleries, and collectors.
You can check his awesome work on: and

This silkscreen print was made by GLOW during the last few days of his residency at NoPoint Atelier. It was a follow-on to a big mural he did in the town of Gabrovo. Both artworks were inspired by the beautiful nature in the region and also by the location itself, as river Yantra is passing right next to the mural.
It is a hand-printed silkscreen with 3 colors (one of which is a gradient mixture of fluorescent magenta and fluorescent orange)
Limited edition of 15 pieces
Size: 297 × 420 mm,
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough, 300gm2
All prints are numbered and signed in pencil by GLOW


What is silkscreen printing?
Silkscreen printing is a technique in which prints are made by color layering. Due to the experimental approach, some tiny strokes and dots may occur. Do not expect perfect computer print, but rather one with artistic and unique value.

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  • Image of GLOW /Sunset Over The River/
  • Image of GLOW /Sunset Over The River/
  • Image of GLOW /Sunset Over The River/
  • Image of GLOW /Sunset Over The River/
  • Image of GLOW /Sunset Over The River/