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Happy Sad Tshirt

17.50 EUR

Happy sad is a state of mind. The shirt is simply showing the big pallet of emotions but at the same time keeping cool and realistic about it.

The shirt?
"Happy Sad" is a limited edition Tshirt designed and hand-pulled by Miroslav Dzhingibi. Front and back printed with black color.
Details of the fabric: FruitOfTheLoom 95% cotton, 165 gm2, long sleeve Royal Blue and white.

What is silkscreen printing?
Silkscreen printing is a technique in which prints are made by color layering. Due to the experimental approach, some tiny strokes and dots may occur. Do not expect perfect computer print, but rather one with artistic and unique value.

For orders in Bulgaria we will ship via Ekont or Speedy, so please provide an office and telephone number. Thank you

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  • Image of Happy Sad Tshirt
  • Image of Happy Sad Tshirt