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I BUY / Print+Booklet

30.00 EUR

“I buy design” is inspired by the endless retail advertisements that we find on every corner, electricity poles, or garages and the points where they meet with the most contemporary and high-end graphic design. While in the West the seeking is more often focused on rather low-key representation, seemingly unthoughtful but bold and effective in its decisions, the advertisements for buying hair, land, or old jewelry have had perfected its expression during its unaffected evolution, without any particular ambitions. And brings the question – who does it better?
The project was developed as a collaboration between Denislav Golemanov and Miroslav Zhivkov, dzhingibi in the form of a screen print and a coloring book.


This silkscreen print was made during an artist residency at NoPoint Atelier in September 2020. It is a limited edition of 20 copies, created entirely by hand - from preparing the hand-blended colors, preparing the screens, and layering the different screens.
Paper: Munken Lynx Rough, 300gm2
Size: 35x50 cm
Signed and number by both of the artists
Comes in a black tube

THE BOOKLET /included/
10-page booklet size A4, containing 10 separated different interpretations of "I buy designs". Printed on a risograph. It's suitable for colouring. Numbered in pencil in an edition of 20.

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